Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally...A plant I can't kill!

I have to pat myself on the back--I have met the insurmountable challenge of keeping alive a houseplant for an entire year! The ZeeZee plant--no it's not a joke. I saw it in Home Depot last December and read the tag. It bragged about the plant loving neglect. Well this had to be the plant for me, so I took it home.
I kill everything green! Palm trees, corn plants, rubber trees, ficus trees, ferns, spider plants... You name it. If it's green and needs any care whatsoever, it will meet a quick end in my house. Even the paperwhite bulbs I was given to force for Christmas met an untimely demise just before they bloomed. They became top heavy and took a tumble in the middle of the night. Marina and I awoke to the massacre of tender roots, new buds, and water-stained wall from mantle to floor. It took a while for her to stop crying about her "flowies."
Anyway, my zeezee has not grown much over the course of 2008. But it survived a lengthy move into a new home, extensive travel, dark unwelcoming corners, and yes...much neglect. But hey, it has faithfully stayed green while every other plant I own (only purchased to stage the home we sold. I'm not completely foolish!) has left me in a haze of guilty resignation as I bid them farewell with a toss into the bushes where they will fulfill their destiny as fertilizer.
Here is a pic of the little fellow, courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens. They state, "This plant is so easy it's almost a challenge to kill it." Well, thanks BHG, but I face enough challenges. Why work at something that just comes naturally?!

FYI--the zeezee plant is poisonous if ingested by kiddos or pets. So keep it out of reach.

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